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We will give you more than a Part-Exchange Value for your car!

Do you have existing finance left on your vehicle?

• Are you struggling to sell your car privately?

• Have you received Part-Exchange Valuations under what it's worth?

From a Daily-Driver to a High Performance Sports Car, With the Select Brokerage in Christchurch Dorset, we create a personalised hassle-free valuation and will buy your car for a price it deserves! By researching the current market and working together closely, we can create an accurate figure, which your car is truly worth!

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We do not buy the vehicle from you until it’s sold, so it remains your property until then, but we have an agreed price you would like to achieve for your car.

Examples of Cars we have sold through Select Brokerage
Examples of Cars we have sold through Select Brokerage

Finance Remaining on the Vehicle?
After assessing your settlement figure against the condition, specification and mileage of your car; we will work closely to give you a figure in which YOU are happy with. This can involve you receiving positive equity above & beyond your settlement figure.

Struggling to Sell Privately?
Let us know what price you have had your car advertised for, where you have been advertising it and we can match this offer subject to condition, specification and mileage. Working together closely to result in a figure YOU are happy with!

Part Exchange Valuations under what it’s Worth?
Have you had valuations from other dealers, which are far from what you think your car is worth? Let us know what YOU think your car is worth and we will work to come up with a figure YOU would like to achieve!

Brokerage or "Sale or Return" has the advantage of getting more money for your car than you would if you part exchange it or just sell to a trader for trade pricing, and usually more than you would sell it for privately too. At the same time saves you the hassle and risk of advertising and selling it yourself.

Through Select Brokerage, we can also offer prospective buyers financing options, extended warranty and their car in part exchange. It also gives buyers the reassurance of purchasing a vehicle through a professional trader which means consumer rights are enforced, the vehicle has been professionally checked and any finance cleared.

How it Works

1. We value your car using live market data, which incorporates the specification and current desirability in the market place and take into consideration the value you wish to receive.

2. We will present to you a valuation and advise what we could advertise your car for from our dealership along with what we would be able to return you.

3. Drop-Off to our Dealership or Collection will be arranged to suit you at your cost.

4. We prepare your car including a bespoke valet, before advertising your car to our wide audience of customers. Offering peace of mind for potential buyers, offering finance & warranty on the vehicle.

5. Sit Back & Relax, while your car is being advertised through all of our digital platforms and also presented to potential buyers who walk through our doors, or visit our website every single day.

Fill out the form, including what figure you would be looking for and one of our Brokerage Representatives will contact you regarding a price Your Car Deserves!

Terms & Conditions:
Valuations are based on the current market. All valuations are subject to viewing and conducting an inspection on the vehicle