Canopy and Roller Tops

Unleash Your Truck's Potential from £1995 + VAT

Are you ready to take your pickup truck to the next level of versatility and practicality? Look no further than a canopy or roller top. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a busy professional, or a weekend warrior, these truck bed accessories offer a wide range of benefits that will transform the way you use your vehicle.

Imagine having a secure and weather-resistant space to store your gear and belongings while you explore the great outdoors or commute through unpredictable weather conditions. With a canopy or roller top, you can rest assured that your cargo remains protected, dry, and organized, no matter the elements.

Not only do these accessories provide excellent protection, but they also optimize your truck's storage capacity. Say goodbye to cluttered truck beds and hello to a neatly organized and efficient space for all your equipment and tools. Whether you need to transport camping gear, sports equipment, or work-related materials, the added storage space is a game-changer.

Moreover, open truck beds with open sides create more wind drag and can bring down your fuel efficiency. Adding a canopy or roller top can improve your fuel consumption!

So, if you're seeking enhanced functionality, protection, and style for your pickup truck, consider getting a canopy or roller top fitted. Embrace the convenience and versatility they offer, and prepare to embark on new adventures with the peace of mind that your cargo is secure and your truck is looking its best.

Our team are on hand and ready to answer any questions you have about our range of canopy tops. They will also assist you in creating a convenient appointment to bring your truck in to be fitted with your chosen accessory. On the day, our expert team of technicians will take great care to safely fit the canopy top to your truck.

Which Canopy or Roller top do I need?

Aluminum Canopies and Agricultural Canopies

This form of canopy top is great for those using their truck for plant and small animal transportation.

Aluminum is also extremely durable as it doesn't rust or corrode so it will keep its newer appearance for longer. What's more, is that aluminum is extremely lightweight so you are not compromising a large percentage of your load bearing by installing this canopy.

Roller Tops

A selection of manual and electrically operated Roller Covers is available.

Roller tops are a great option if you want the versatility of using an open truck bed for odd-shaped or large items as well as needing to be able to lock valuables up too.

This is also a great option if you would prefer to keep your rearview mirror completely clear.

Hard Canopies

This form of canopy top is perfect for those seeking increased security and weather protection. We would recommend this canopy top if you are keeping expensive tools in your truck overnight.

Solid canopy tops will be colour coded to the original paintwork on your truck to ensure that its application is seamless.

You can choose to have additional side windows on the canopy or a solid side.

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All canopy and roller tops are supplied and fitted at our Commercial Centre in Ringwood to your specification and requirements.

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