Charging your Mustang Mach-E at home is as straightforward as charging your smartphone. Simply plug into a conventional wall socket using the Ford Universal Charge Cable that is supplied with your vehicle.

Alternatively, an optional Ford Connected Wallbox offers greater convenience with faster charging times than a domestic socket. The Wallbox has also been designed to work with the FordPass app, so you can manage your charging schedule remotely.


The Ford Connected Wallbox is an optional home charging point and your smartest home charging option. It can recharge up to 25 miles of range every hour, and will complete a full charge overnight.

We can help to arrange the installation of a Ford Connected Wallbox through our specialist installer Centrica.

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The supplied Ford Universal Charge Cable can also be plugged into a high-power socket, for up to 25 miles of range every hour. You can also use a normal home socket. Charging is slower, about 7 miles of range per hour, but useful for when you’re away visiting friends without any charging facility.

As with the Ford Connected Wallbox, you’ll need a qualified electrician to install a high-power socket for you.


Equipped for both AC and DC charging, Mustang Mach-E will come with 5 year’s complimentary access to the FordPass Charging network with more than 150,000 available charge points across Europe.

Ford is also a founding partner of the IONITY high-speed charging network, with 400 charging stations and 2400 charging points scheduled to be opened on major motorways across Europe by the end of 2020.


The IONITY network delivers the fastest method of charge. The high-power DC chargers (150 kW) can deliver around 73 miles in 10 mins. Ideal for brief motorway rest stops, where you can swiftly top-up your range while grabbing a quick coffee or bite to eat.


Public charging points are great for when you’re out and about and many offer faster charging than when you’re at home. AC Public charge points deliver 10-80% charge in 7.2 hours. Where as the DC chargers (50kW) can give 10-80% charge in 90 minutes. Perfect when you need to recharge on the go.


What Affects Range?

• Heavy Acceleration
In any type of vehicle, high speed and sudden acceleration use more power and reduce range. Get the most miles out of your vehicle’s potential range by traveling at a steady speed and accelerating progressively.

• Climate
Extreme heat or cold temperatures outside affect batteries and have the potential to reduce range. Heating or cooling the inside of your vehicle will also draw on your battery and reduce power.

• Regenerative Braking
Regenerative braking is capable of capturing and reusing more than 90% of the braking energy that is captured during the braking process and recharges the high-voltage battery. 
Regenerative braking further helps minimize wear on the brake pads, lowering maintenance costs over time.

*Extended range battery with DC high-power charging The figures here are for the RWD Extended range vehicle* Based on full charge. Estimated range using Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) applies to AWD model with extended range battery. Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviours, vehicle maintenance, and lithium-ion battery age.

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