The History of Keith Motors

Established in 1951 - Keith Motors was founded by Charles Keith after purchasing 'Excelsior Motorworks' located on Christchurch Highstreet.

Through the 1950's and 1960's Keith Motors retained a large presence on Christchurch Highstreet, providing cars and mechanical services to the people of Christchurch. Keith Motors became the number one, up and coming, local car garage for Christchurch and surrounding areas and a name which would be familiar for decades to come.

In 1970 Keith Motors acquires the 'Gibson Sports Cars' site on Lyndhurst Road. Which would later become the forefront and face of Keith Motors we know and love today. This allowed the business to grow and expand for years to come, with space for a forecourt, off-road parking and giving customers an excellent service experience.

In 1974 Keith Motors' Brand New Showroom opens, which includes the likes of British Leyland, Austin and MG franchises as well as incorporating a BP Petrol Station. This became the leading edge for potential customers and general motorists to fill their vehicle up with fuel while viewing Cars at Keith Motors and seeing the services we offered.

In 1980 Keith Motors makes one of the most quintessential decisions and parts from the franchises of British Leyland, Austin & MG and became the Keith Motors Ford we know and love 40 years on. Throughout the 1980's Keith Motors slowly expanded along with the Ford Brand.

In 1985Jet Petrol was introduced and Keith Motors purchased the bungalow adjacent to the dealership, allowing the company to expand its office and staffing facilities. The old Bungalow is, to this day, still home to our office facilities and also our boardroom.

In 1990 further developments to Keith Motors on Lyndhurst Road were underway providing two forecourts for customers to view cars on sale. One situated in front of the building and one to the right.

In 1996 Keith Motors built the designated Used Car Centre in the heart of it's second forecourt. And to our surprise, in 1998 we had a celebrity visit from Formula 1 Commentator Louise Goodman with her Rally Ford KA!

In 2008 Manor Road Motors relocates to Lyndhurst Road creating synergy across the forecourts for Keith Motors Used Cars.

In 2009 we secured our Ringwood Branch, creating our second Dealership for the motorists of Ringwood, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

In 2013 Keith Motors built a secondary Used Car Sales office for Manor Road Motors and shortly after, in 2014, Keith Motors acquires MG franchise for a second time after 40 Years! With the new addition, a Brand New showroom is built. (present day; Keith Motors Select)

In 2016 we purchased our third dealership location in Verwood, Dorset creating the trio we know today.

In 2020 we transitioned our Ringwood Site into a Used Commercial Centre, offering Used Van, Truck and Pick-Up Sales as well as offering aftersales & servicing for all light commercials and older retail vehicles. We then shifted our focus on the two main Ford Sites at Christchurch & Verwood with the introduction of new Ford Products such as the New Ford Nugget Campervan and Hybrid & Electric Ford SUVs!

With the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Car Buying had almost changed entirely. And as a Family Run business, we created the option to Click & Collect or have Free Local Delivery on all Car purchases. We also enrolled a new collection and delivery service of all Service & MOT vehicles.

2021, Keith Motors Celebrates 70 Years! Our current Ford Sites at Christchurch & Verwood continue to provide New & Used Cars Sales and Aftersales for the Local People of Christchurch, Verwood & Dorset. And our Ringwood Used Commercial Centre provides Truck & Van Sales for the South of England!

With Covid-19 impacting the entire nation, people look to make more "staycations". With this, Keith Motors Christchurch has become the lead dealer for the New Ford Nugget Campervan in the UK! Keith Motors continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing automotive industry and we are excited to bring our friends, family and local people of Christchurch with us.