Body Kits​

At Keith Motors Commercial Centre we offer upgrade body kits for the Ford Ranger. Body kits are designed to upgrade your truck and elevate your road presence. What's more, is that if you are purchasing a fleet of vehicles body kits can give your fleet a more consistent appearance.

Ford Ranger Predator Shadow Kit 2023

The "Shadow" vehicle conversion, is a seamless blend of elegance and mystique that leaves an indelible impression on the roads. With its refined aesthetics and captivating presence, the "Shadow" commands attention at every turn. Equipped with 20" Predator wheels, this conversion exudes a bold and powerful aura, while offering superior style over the rest. The smooth colour-coded arches, available in a range of striking shades or an alluring matte black finish, create a seamless integration with the vehicle's body, adding an extra touch of sophistication. For those seeking enhanced visibility, optional light bars can be seamlessly integrated into the design, illuminating the path ahead with a commanding presence. Prepare to embrace the "Shadow" as it glides effortlessly through the streets, combining style, versatility, and functionality in perfect harmony. With this remarkable conversion, you'll make a statement that is both unmistakable and unforgettable.

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